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Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train - Testimonials

Mrs Vishakha Sagar, India

I would like to thanks Luxe Train Journeys for such a wonderful trip. I am totally amazed by the on-board as well as off board facilities. One can never imagine the cleanliness & hygiene maintained in Indian Railways safety and Security was one other important aspect. Meals were good. Excellent hotels, great transport facility, well planned itinerary. I could never visit all the Buddhist places in such a convenient & well arranged way. Very refreshing, big applause & hats off to Luxe Train Journeys for such a life time experience.

Kanak Verma, Indian

I would love to travel again and again. Luxe Train Journeys has done great hard work with perfection. Keep it up and would love to share my views to others.

Sneha Bhaskar, Indian, India

This was my first tour package from Luxe Train Journeys and I can confidently say that after my experience with Mahaparinirvan Express I would want to try other Tour packages of Luxe Train Journeys as well. It was an excellent trip and hats off to the entire staff of Mahaparinirvan Express, bus drivers, guides, tour operator for making this an enjoyable, safe and marvelous journey,. It was an unique way to follow Buddha�s footstep -n well done !!! keep it up and wish all of you all the success!!!.

T C Lim, China

Very nice, Thank you very much for organizing such an express service.

Tsang Ling (Nikiz), Taiwan

The staff are all super nice, thank you all very very much for everything you have done for us. I will take my mom, her sisters and my students to come to this special Mahaaprinirvan Express again the same time next year since it�s the best season in India to travel around the month following Buddha�s footsteps. Thank you again for you have organized such a fantastic trip for Buddhists and people all around the world

Iven Chen, Taiwan

Such a wonderful and meaning trip........

Raj Karwal & Ashok Talwar, India

A Group of Vipassana Meditators from Delhi and Mumbai took a 7 Days & 8 Nig...

Ms. Jennifer Tan, Singapore

Excellent On Board Faciltiy , relaxing itinerary with outstanding staff. Overall statisfy with the arrangement.

Ms.Pornsri Viriyayon, Thailand

On Board Facility was good and Comfortable.

Ms.Hae kyoung Yu, Korea

On Board Facility was good, Satisfy with the Meals , Itinerary, services & Accomodation.

Ms Somnvek Khenacheia, Thailand

Excellent On Board Services.

Mr.Akhil Chaturvedi, India

On Board facility,meals,itinerary were excellent.

Mr.Vipin Mahajan, India

On Board facility,meals,itinerary were excellent.

Mr.Peter Aulman, Netherlands

On Board facility was good.

Mr.Leong Chin Sui, Singapore

On Board facility,meals were good well planned itinerary.

Mr.Ananda Alwis, Australia

On Board facility,meals were good.

Karla Hollamby, Brazil

On Board facility,meals were good.

Mr.Marpene S.A Grimewald, Brazil

On Board facility,meals and Itinerary were good.

Dr. S. Kakar, India

On Board facility,meals were good comfortable & pleasant trip.

Ms Chhama Singhal, India

On Board facility,meals,itinerary were excellent. Satisfying trip & beyond Expectataion.

Mr Gota Dasanayaka, SriLanka

On Board facility,meals,itinerary were excellent with outstanding staff.

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